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Obviously, the implications of this homophobic term are pretty horrific - in effect any physical attack on a homosexual could be excused as a moment of "gay panic". Famously, this defense was used in the Matthew Shepard case.

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In all these cases, the defendants – all straight men – claimed that they murdered their gay victims as a result of gay panic. Under the gay panic defense, sometimes called the homosexual advance defense, defendants are.

A Bombshell Reveal In The Matthew Shepard Case?

Homosexual martyr Matthew Shepard was made the poster child for hate crimes in 1998. The innocent college boy brutally murdered by two men who claimed the "gay panic" defense

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Judge Barton Voigt throws out the gay panic defense, gutting the case for a manslaughter conviction in place of murder.. He describes his concern that Shepard might recognize him.

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What is interesting is in the legal courts, the defendant can use the defense of "gay panic defense.

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The two young men claim Gordon tried to initiate a sexual encounter with them and they responded with the infamous "Gay panic" defense.)

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Cunanan scare, the McVeigh case, Ian, Ellen, Will Grace, Matthew Shepard- God bless you, what else can we look forward to.... Gay Marriage USA. Watch: Demi Lovato Reveals Her Late Grandpa Was Gay

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If McKinney and Henderson did not do this because Matthew was Gay, then why did they use the "Gay panic defense?"

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"Text of the "Gay Panic" Defense ruling in the Matthew Shepard Murder Trial" - court TV becomes truTV